Campus review: Proposed UC Santa Cruz non-research animal policy and procedures

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Jean Marie Scott, Associate Vice Chancellor, Risk and Safety Services

As required by the standard campus policy review process and in preparation for the implementation of the Coastal Long Range Development Plan (CLRDP), Business and Administrative Services is proposing updated/new versions of the following policy/procedures:

1) UC Santa Cruz Non-research Animal Policy (campus policy): This policy provides general provisions and guidelines specific to non-research animals on campus.

2) UC Santa Cruz Non-research Animal Procedures: This document specifies procedures for the implementation of the UC Santa Cruz Non-research Animal Policy.

It is UC’s practice to provide 30 days for employee formal review and comment on proposed changes to or adoption of a new policy. Individuals who wish to provide comments on the proposed policy and procedures (see summary and links below) should submit their comments by May 6, 2015.

Summary of Revisions and Links to Policy and Procedures:

The previous UC Santa Cruz Non-research Animals on Campus Policy SPS0005 has been reorganized into a succinct policy and a detailed procedures document.

 Minor changes include minor wording changes, clarifications, structural changes (combining or reorganizing sections), addition of definitions and references, and replacement/elimination of outdated information.

Substantive changes include the following:

1) UC Santa Cruz Non-research Animal Policy (campus policy):

  • Removed exemption for dogs at Coastal Science Campus to comply with CLRDP (Section III.A).
  • Removed requirement for exempted non-service/support animals to be registered with the campus Animal Control Officer and issued a permit (Section III.A).

2) UC Santa Cruz Non-research Animal Procedures: New document, no previous versions.

Proposed Non-research Animal Policy and Procedures:

Current version: