Revisions to UC CANRA policy and updates to UC Santa Cruz CANRA website and materials

To: UC Santa Cruz Managers and Supervisors

From: Interim AVC Staff Human Resources Lori Castro, AVC Academic Personnel Pamela Peterson, AVC Risk and Safety Services Jean Marie Scott

In order to comply with California State Assembly Bill 1775 (AB 1775), which went into effect on January 1, 2015, the UC Office of the President revised the UC Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) Policy, effective March 17, 2015, to reflect the new legislation. State Assembly Bill 1775 updated the definition of “sexual exploitation” as it applies to the CANRA, specifically section 11165.1 of the Act. The definition of sexual exploitation now includes “a person who knowingly downloads, streams, or accesses through any electronic or digital media, a film, photograph, videotape, video recording, negative, or slide in which a child is engaged in an act of obscene sexual conduct.”  

As a manager or supervisor, you are responsible for identifying Mandated Reporters within the employees that you supervise. While many Mandated Reporters are identified at the time of hire, activities or duties may change during the course of employment, and the campus relies on you to identify these individuals.

The UC Santa Cruz CANRA website and forms have been updated to reflect the UC policy change. To assist you in understanding and complying with CANRA and how to identify Mandated Reporters, you are advised to review campus and system wide information:

UC CANRA Policy and Frequently Asked Questions at

UCSC staff employees at

UCSC academic employees at

UCSC student employees at

The campus has also prepared a list of UCSC Predefined Mandated Reporters by payroll titles and groups of employees and a UCSC CANRA Decision Tree.

In addition, a voluntary CANRA online training is available through the UCSC Learning Center at—log in and search for “CANRA.” Mandated Reporters and other interested parties are encouraged to complete this training.

Please note that this email is not a notification that you are a Mandated Reporter. However, it is possible that you may receive notification designating you as a Mandated Reporter at a later date.

If you have any questions or believe that there are Mandated Reporters under your supervision, please contact one of the following:

Staff Employees: Staff Human Resources Compensation at

Academic Employees: Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinator or the Academic Personnel Office at

Student Employees: Chris Arends at 831-459-4024 or