Tuesday Newsday survey results are in; winner selected

Thanks to everyone who filled out the Tuesday Newsday survey, and congratulations to Dana Rohlf, politics department manager, whose survey was selected at random for the grand prize – a $25 gift certificate.

The turnout was small but the results illuminating. Approximately 72 percent of respondents read Tuesday Newsday every week and most in the morning. Five percent answered “Never, what’s Tuesday Newsday?”  (We’re not sure how you found the survey but thanks. )

News articles were judged most important followed by the “Heads Up …” section about campus business, and the Weekly Keynote. Most common were readers who read the summaries and click on some full stories; skimmers came next.

As for the popularity contest portion of the survey, 47 percent said the newsletter was “OK,” another 40 percent said they like it “a lot,” so that’s 87 percent generally positive. “Not so much” followed at 7 percent and “Delete without reading” was a little more than 5 percent.

Thanks to everyone for their comments. We’ll use the data in an effort to make Tuesday Newsday more useful and interesting.