Evaluating office space in Scotts Valley

To: UCSC Community

From: Keith Brant, Vice Chancellor for University Relations; Mary Doyle, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services; Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services

As you may know, the campus has been considering the Enterprise Technology Centre (the old Borland building) in Scotts Valley as a potential location to bring together the off-campus staff members within Business and Administrative Services, Information Technology Services and University Relations.

The campus is actively exploring a long-term lease of the facility and conducting due diligence on the building. Working with the unions that represent involved employees will begin soon.

The Enterprise Technology Centre, 100 Enterprise Way, was built by the software company Borland in 1993 to serve as its main campus. The company sold the complex in 2000.

UC Santa Cruz long ago outgrew available office space on campus and for several years has leased space in off-site buildings on the west side of Santa Cruz.

There are clear benefits to having employees centralized in one location, such as increased collaboration and shared infrastructure. We also know it's a big change to consider and that exploring this opportunity comes with some uncertainty.

There are many aspects to consider to make a fully informed decision, and it won't be made lightly. The three of us are serving on a committee that is evaluating the impacts and ways to reduce them.