Our vision, our goals, our future

Alison Galloway, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (Photo by Jim MacKenzie)

I am pleased to announce the finalized Strategic Plan is now available at envision.ucsc.edu. The document includes an update to our campus vision and lists the six goals derived from conversations with more than 1,200 campus constituents. It represents the efforts of faculty, staff, students, and community members to define our strengths and identify a shared vision for our future. I believe these goals are critical to the attainment of this vision. Through this plan we will commit to focusing our efforts on:

While developing the vision and these goals has been important, the bigger question is, will we actually implement change based on these choices? I am pleased to state that implementation of the plan has already begun. In the coming weeks, you will hear more about the action plans for each goal and the work done so far. In parallel, the website will be updated with details about project leads, timelines, and metrics of success. As the action plans are rolled out, you can return to the website to see specifics.

I encourage you to visit the website and, as you approach your work, consider how our individual and collective efforts contribute to the attainment of these goals.