Campus Advisory

Protest follows UC Regents fee vote

How to stay informed

When protest activities on the UC Santa Cruz campus affect traffic or university operations, information updates and known impacts will be posted here. In addition to updating this page, if necessary the Public Affairs Office will also:

  • Record information on the campus's communications hotline, 459-INFO (831-459-4636).
  • Relay information on a regular basis to KZSC Radio (88.1 FM) for broadcast.
  • Share information via the campus's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

On November 20, The University of California Board of Regents approved a five-year plan that could lead to tuition increases of up to 5 percent per year through 2019-20. The board stressed that the increases could be reduced or eliminated entirely if the state provides sufficient revenue to the UC system.
(Article on the vote)

Afterward protests have occurred on some UC campuses, including UC Santa Cruz.

UC Santa Cruz update

Monday, December 1
9 am:
Building recovery operations have resumed at the Humanities 2 building where protesters camped out for six days. The elevator, which had been broken, is repaired. Staff are reporting at 9 am for a briefing. An inventory of equipment, files, and records will follow. Operations are expected to be back to normal within a few hours.

Wednesday, November 26
2:30 pm:
Students have voluntarily left the Humanities 2 building. Crews have entered the building to inspect it and prepare it for the resumption of operations. 

1 pm: Students have begun leaving the Humanities 2 building and are cleaning up. Campus officials plan to inspect the facility and get it ready for classes and staff when classes resume Monday.

Tuesday, November 25
7 pm:
Two campus police officers and a university official met again with students inside the buidling and reiterated the advisory that their continued presence is unlawful.

1 pm: Two campus police officers spoke with several students at the site at approximately 11:30 am, answered questions, and delivered and posted an advisory that they do not have permission to be inside the Humanities 2 building, and that their presence violates university and state laws.

10:45 am: Approximately 8-10 people remain in Humanities 2 after a rally and assembly outside the night before.

Monday, November 24
5:50 pm:
The march is heading back to Humanities 2.

4:50 pm: The march has reached McHenry Library and is continuing across campus.

4:40 pm: A group of about 50 people have begun to walk from the Humanities 2 building on McLaughlin Drive toward Colleges Nine and Ten, and the Social Sciences buildings. Traffic may be affected in the area and motorists are advised to be observant and drive carefully. Some disruption may occur in the College Nine/Ten area.

9 am: A small number of students remain inside the Humanities & Social Sciences Building (Humanities 2). All campus roads are open and campus operations are unaffected. Classes scheduled for classrooms in Humanities 2 have been moved to other locations. Students are advised to contact their faculty member. Students are calling for a rally and march on campus at 4 p.m. today that may impact traffic on campus roads.

Friday, November 21
5:30 pm:
A small number of people are inside and outside the building after a day of teach-ins and discussion. A general assembly is planned for 6 pm.

10 am: Classes scheduled for the two classrooms in Humanities 2 have been rescheduled in other rooms. Students may contact their faculty for details. All other campus operations are proceeding. 

7 am: An unknown number of protestors spent the night in Humanities 2 and remain there this morning. Students who have classes scheduled in the building today are advised to check in at the building or with their faculty.

Thursday, November 20
6 pm: Approximately 250 people are gathered for discussions in the courtyard outside the Humanities & Social Sciences Building. Classes in the building are in session as scheduled.

3 pm: The rally is continuing at the Humanities & Social Sciences Building.

2:30 pm: A march has ended at the Humanities & Social Sciences Building, where a rally is being held. 

2 pm: Marchers have left Quarry Plaza and are proceeding across campus. Motorists may encounter delays. Please drive carefully.

1:30 pm: Protestors have gathered at Quarry Plaza for a rally.