Parking at Merrill Lot 119

To: UCSC faculty, staff, and graduate students

From: Larry Pageler, Transportation and Parking Services

Renovation-related grading and paving work is taking place in portions of Merrill Lot 119 from now until Move In (September 26th). Because of the nature of the construction, the regular traffic pattern through that lot has been blocked, and traffic is temporarily bi-directional (both incoming and outgoing) in the remaining open portions of the lot. To improve availability for A permit parkers, some of the construction-related vehicles have been directed to park behind Crown.

Drivers are advised to use caution when driving through Lot 119, and to expect delays when entering and exiting the lot between 7am–4pm.

Parking alternatives include Lot 111 (located behind Crown College) or the East Remote lot.

If you have any questions about this phase of the construction, or its impact on Lot 119, please contact Joshua Francis, Project Manager, at 831/227-8388.