'Science Notes 2014' now available online

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Ingesting hookworms to treat autoimmune disease. Why Japan's undersea earthquake fault was so devastating. The connection between migraine in adults and stomach pains in babies. Those are some of the featured tales in Science Notes 2014, the annual magazine published by the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program.

This year's issue includes a thorough analysis of why Santa Cruz just can't seem to deal with its serious drought. There's a dive into the weird and wondrous feeding habits of moray eels; a vivid look at how car videos revealed just how a space rock blew up over Chelyabinsk, Russia; and a story about Mexican ants that may make you ponder the origins of your morning coffee.

You'll also enter the obsessive realm of sour beer brewers (and drinkers) in the Bay Area, and you'll learn the pros and cons of being exquisitely attuned to your own heartbeat. Finally, why doesn't California's racing industry do more to prevent horse deaths at the track? You'll find out in Science Notes.

As always, the magazine brims with original artwork from the talented artists at the Science Illustration Program at CSU Monterey Bay. This year's magazine also features infographics produced by the writers to display data-rich elements of their stories. You'll see those embedded in their pieces, along with four-minute podcasts, many original photos, and a couple of videos as well.