Location Change for UCSC's Designated Occupational Medicine Clinic

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Saladin Sale, Director Risk Services

Effective Monday, July 7, 2014, Santa Cruz Occupational Medical Center (SCOMC), UCSC's designated facility for treatment of on-the-job injuries, will be operating from a new location.  Forced to vacate their present Dominican Hospital location at 610 Frederick Street for reasons of seismic safety, SCOMC is opening a brand new facility at the intersection of Soquel Drive & Research Park Drive in Soquel.  The new street address is 3601 Caldwell Drive in Soquel.

All UCSC employees requiring medical treatment under the California workers' compensation system in Santa Cruz county will now be seen at the new location. SCOMC operating hours, staff and telephone number will remain the same (831) 576-3000. A SCOMC representative will be assigned to the old location for two weeks to redirect visitors to the new location and informational signage with directions will remain posted for an extended period.

For more information about workers' compensation at UCSC, please visit the Risk Services website or call 459-1787.