2014 Thumbs Up Awards

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Fiona Weigant, Chair of Staff Advisory Board (SAB)

The Staff Advisory Board is very pleased to sponsor the 2014 UCSC Thumbs Up Awards!

A “Thumbs Up” Award is a great way to recognize deserving staff that can be given to an individual UCSC staff member, a team, or an academic in an administrative role (Dean, Dept. Chair) for service she or he has rendered as a member of the campus community. Each nominee is a winner!

To make your nomination(s), please visit the SAB website: http://sab.ucsc.edu/ 

Nominations must be submitted no later than May 30th.  Please limit your text to 50 words in the form. 

Awards will be emailed to nominees in June.  If you have questions about Thumbs Up please feel free to contact us at staffadv@ucsc.edu.