Student Response to April 20th

To: UCSC Undergrads

From: Shaz Umer, Chair, UCSC Student Union Assembly

UCSC was recently named second in the nation for research influence, as well as being voted a vegan friendly school, an environmental friendly campus, and an LGBT friendly community.  However, it seems that it's 4-20 that we are best known for.  Over the years this event has diminished UCSC's reputation.

We cannot let this culture continue; it is our responsibility to look out for our campus.  The 'stoner' stereotype and image exists because we, the students, allow it to exist. We need to work hard to promote a new vision for UC Santa Cruz.

That's why I am asking all of you to not attend 4-20; instead, I'm encouraging you to attend a festival from 2 to 6 p.m. at OPERS East Field. This event includes a 5K race, soccer, Frisbee golf, volleyball, a climbing wall, a bounce hall, and more.

Don’t go to 4-20; it ruins our reputation.