Systemwide Review of UC Policy on Copyright and Fair Use

To: UCSC Community

From:  Scott Brandt, Vice Chancellor for Research; Elizabeth Cowell, Interim University Librarian

We write to announce systemwide review of proposed revisions to the 1986 Policy on the Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials for Teaching and Research, a presidential policy on copyright and fair use.  The proposed new policy has been renamed the University of California Policy on Copyright and Fair Use.  The draft revised policy and all background materials are available online at: (

As described by the Office of the President, the revision was necessary due to changes in law, technology, and academic practices that make the 1986 policy inaccurate and out of line with current practice.  With its long descriptions of copyright law and inclusion of outdated guidelines and appendixes, the old policy no longer conforms to UC’s current policy template.  Instead of a multipage document, the revised policy is a brief overarching statement.  Non-policy material has been removed from the policy itself and made available on the UC Copyright website, where educational materials and additional guidance can be monitored and updated. 

The policy revision was prepared by the University's Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC) Standing Subcommittee on Copyright Policy with input from the Office of General Counsel, and approved by the SLASIAC last October.

Note that, in conjunction with the revised policy, a revamped and updated UC Copyright website ( was launched in mid-February. The website will continue to provide guidance for complying with copyright law and general information on copyright and fair use in the academic setting.  As the group in charge of maintaining the site, the SLASIAC Standing Subcommittee on Copyright Policy will continue to monitor the information provided on the website and to update it as needed.

To ensure that your comments on the revised University of California Policy on Copyright and Fair Use are considered in the campus response, they should be submitted to us via email (please direct them to no later than May 16, 2014. 

In the alternative, comments may be made directly to Joanne Miller, Principal Library Planning Analyst, California Digital Library, via email ( or phone (510) 587-6141) and must be received no later than May 23, 2014.