Appointment of Vice Chancellor for Research

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Alison Galloway

Unit Managers: Please post a paper copy of this message in your area for people who do not have regular computer access.

It is a pleasure to announce that UC President Janet Napolitano has approved the appointment of Scott Brandt as vice chancellor for research.

A professor of computer science and the associate dean of research and graduate studies in the Baskin School of Engineering, Brandt has served as vice chancellor in an interim capacity since July 1. Almost immediately, it became apparent to Chancellor Blumenthal and me that Scott was a great fit for the job. His actions and his vision for the Office of Research aligned with ours, and his familiarity with the campus and Silicon Valley meant he has lost no time working toward his goals. With Napolitano's approval, his appointment is effective Dec. 5.

Scott brings strong leadership to the Office of Research. He is eager to expand our research efforts, build a strong foundation for entrepreneurship, collaborate with industry, and help faculty deliver products to market. To accomplish these goals, he is creating a better balance between policy compliance and faculty support. All of this is precisely what the chancellor and I had hoped to see. He can be reached at a new email address:

To learn more about Scott's background, please see our campus news office's announcement of his appointment. For now, I hope you'll join me in congratulating Scott on this opportunity and thanking him for his service.