Expanded permit requirements at Cowell, Stevenson, and Porter

Starting Monday, January 6, 2014, parking permits will be required seven days a week in the Cowell and Stevenson parking lots (Lots 107, 108, 109, and 110), and in the Porter parking lots (Lots 124 and 125). Those who already have permits valid in those lots (e.g., A, B, N, NC) will not be affected by this change.  Paystations have been installed to dispense permits for evenings and weekends only. The cost is a flat rate of $3, which buys a permit that is valid from 4:30pm until 7am the next morning on weekdays, or all day (and until 7am the next morning) on weekends. These permits are only valid in the parking lots near the paystations; a map showing the paystations and the lots they serve is available on the TAPS website.

The two-hour meters in Lots 110, 124, and 125 will remain in place for those needing short-term parking.

The number of evening and weekend events taking place in these two areas has increased significantly over the past seven years, while the number of parking spaces has remained largely the same. The expansion of permit requirements will greatly improve the ability of event attendees to find parking. It will also help ensure that Porter students who have paid for close-in parking permits can find parking spaces during evenings and weekends.