7th Annual Santa Cruz Chocolate Festival takes place on January 19

Chocolate-tasting extravaganza raises funds for scholarships for re-entry students

Thirty purveyors of delectable chocolate treats will offer their wares for tasting on Sunday, January 19, from 1 to 4 p.m. as the UC Santa Cruz Women's Club presents the 7th annual Santa Cruz Chocolate Festival at the Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Proceeds from the annual event support re-entry student scholarships at UCSC. 

Chocoholic of the Year to be named

As part of this fun community event, one person will be crowned as the 2014 Chocoholic of the Year. To nominate your favorite chocolate lover, go to the Chocolate Festival web site at www.santacruzchocolatefestival.org and click the Chocoholic link on the left side.

Past winners include Donna Maurillo, in 2009; Susan Karon, in 2010; Linda Beach, in 2011; Ann Berry-Kline, in 2012; and Lorraine Margon, in 2013.

What is a chocoholic? The dictionary defines a chocoholic as a person who is excessively fond of chocolate.

  • Do you know someone who feels chocolate is the fifth major food group?
  • Do you know someone who eats chocolate every day?
  • Do you know someone who eats chocolate anytime of the day?
  • Do you know someone who has a secret chocolate stash?

Nominate that chocolate lover to be the Santa Cruz Chocoholic of the Year! Tell us why you think this person is a TRUE chocoholic.

How the competition works

Each year, organizers invite nominations for chocolate lovers to become Chocoholic of the Year in Santa Cruz. A committee will select five of the nominees as candidates for Chocoholic of the Year.  The community is then invited to vote and the nominee with the most votes will be crowned at the festival and will receive a basket of incredible chocolate goodies.  

Nominations will be open January 3-10. Once candidates are established, voting is open to all and runs from January 13-17.

Check www.santacruzchocolatefestival.org for the latest updates.

If you have questions, please email SantaCruzChocFest@gmail.com.

About the UCSC Women’s Club: The UCSC Women’s Club is a non-profit organization that raises scholarship funds to benefit students who are returning to college. Membership is open to all. During the past 30 years, the UCSC Women’s Club has awarded over 300 scholarships totaling $198,242 to deserving women and men for research activities, tuition and childcare.