UCSC appoints Scott Brandt as vice chancellor for research

Scott Brandt
Scott Brandt  (Photo by C. Lagattuta)

The University of California, Santa Cruz, has appointed Scott Brandt to serve as vice chancellor for research. Brandt, a professor of computer science in UCSC's Baskin School of Engineering, had been serving as vice chancellor for research on an interim basis since July 2013.

"Scott brings strong leadership to the Office of Research. He is eager to expand our research efforts, build a strong foundation for entrepreneurship, collaborate with industry, and help faculty deliver products to market," said campus provost and executive vice chancellor Allison Galloway.

As vice chancellor for research, Brandt provides executive leadership and coordination for UCSC research administration and planning. He is well-positioned to champion UCSC research and faculty to Silicon Valley and beyond and to bolster the campus's technology transfer capabilities. Brandt spent 10 years in industry prior to joining the UCSC faculty in 1999. He holds seven patents and has launched three startups.

Brandt's own research focuses on computer systems, specifically storage systems, real-time systems, and performance management. He has published 135 peer-reviewed papers and articles and has received 27 grants and gifts totaling over $18 million since 1999. Several companies have incorporated his work into their products and projects, including NetApp, Microsoft, Yahoo, Symantec, and Apple.

Brandt has vibrant relationships with industry and the U.S. National Laboratories. On campus, he is the co-founder and director of the Institute for Scalable Scientific Data Management, a collaboration of UCSC and Los Alamos National Lab; he is co-founder and co-director of the of the UCSC Systems Research Laboratory; and he is a co-founder of the UCSC Storage Systems Research Center (SSRC). He also served as associate dean of research and graduate studies in the Baskin School of Engineering. Brandt received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Colorado.