Updates on Diversity Efforts on Campus

To: UCSC Community

From: Campus Diversity Officers Ashish Sahni (Associate Chancellor) and Herbie Lee (Vice Provost for Academic Affairs)

In the past year, the University of California embarked on a journey to conduct a systemwide campus climate survey because we are “dedicated to fostering a caring university community that provides leadership for constructive participation in a diverse, multicultural world.” (http://campusclimate.ucop.edu/goals/index.html). In addition to compilation and analysis of results for each site, there will be a systemwide report based on aggregated responses. Results of the survey are not expected to be reported to the Regents until early 2014. The results will not be made public until they have been presented to the Regents. Our Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion at UCSC will be engaged in the implementation process after our campus climate survey is made public.

Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion (ACCCCI): In addition to the systemwide campus climate survey, Chancellor Blumenthal appointed a campus council that includes faculty, staff, students, community members and alumni in response to former President Yudof’s pledge to take steps to directly address campus climate issues. The charge of the UCSC Council is to:  (1) Monitor and evaluate the progress of UCSC in creating conditions of climate, culture and inclusion that will best support the mission of the University and provide equal opportunities to all UCSC students, faculty and staff. (2) Identify, evaluate and share "promising practices" in efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive campus climate, looking broadly at other institutions, both public and private, inside and outside higher education, across the state and the nation. (http://diversity.ucsc.edu/diversity/acccci.html)

Other efforts to promote a healthy campus climate, through the work of the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI), include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program, established in 2010, focuses on building an inclusive environment that promotes diversity on campus. The Certificate Program consists of eight courses (six core courses and two electives) providing a valuable professional development opportunity at no costs to staff and faculty. The Program is designed to offer participants an in-depth examination of diversity and differences in order to gain a greater understanding of how we can and why we should work together to build a stronger and more inclusive UC Santa Cruz community. To date, there have been 121 graduates from the certificate program. There are 335 current participants in the program this academic year. (http://diversity.ucsc.edu/training/certificate_courses.html)
  • The Chancellor’s Achievement Awards for Diversity (CAAFD) were established in 2003 to honor and showcase people and programs that have made outstanding contributions to furthering diversity, inclusion and excellence on campus. UCSC has many individuals and units that contribute significantly to our diversity and inclusion efforts. Some examples include: student-to-student outreach programs; developing cutting-edge recruitment programs; developing successful mentoring and retention programs; providing opportunities for academic and staff employees to advance in their careers, and advancing the understanding and field of diversity through research, publications and other media. (http://diversity.ucsc.edu/diversity/caafd.html).
  • Divisional Diversity Coordinators (DDC) role was instituted in 2009 by the Campus Diversity Officers to formalize partnerships with each of the eighteen divisions. The DDC serves as a liaison between the CDOs and ODEI and their respective divisions. They provide invaluable insight and guidance regarding the implementation and effectiveness of campus diversity and affirmative action efforts and prepare division’s annual divisional diversity plans.
  • Co-Funding Campus Collaborations: ODEI is committed to support UCSC activities, projects and events that reflect its mission to promote a campus that is diverse, equitable and inclusive through its co-funding/co-sponsorship program.  Beginning this fall quarter, all proposals must be submitted by a specified deadline which is located on our website. (http://diversity.ucsc.edu/diversity/co-funding_info.html) Decisions are made by the Co-Funding Committed, which, for the 2013-14 academic year, consists of Jan Cloud, Arts Division; Lucy Rojas, Campus Life/Dean of Students Office; Michael Yamauchi-Gleason, Porter and Kresge Colleges; and Sheree Marlowe, Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • New Federal Regulations. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program has released new rules intended to improve the employment of veterans and individuals with disabilities. Consistent with UCSC’s obligation as federal contractors, the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, along with other campus partners, is preparing to assist the campus to implement the new rules in the upcoming months. Efforts will include enhanced outreach to veterans and people with disabilities, promoting the use of informational interviews for veterans interested in UCSC employment, setting new disability-related utilization goals, repolling our employees regarding disability status, designing and implementing new data collection requirements, and incorporation of the updated Equal Opportunity clause in new job postings.
  • Assistant Campus Diversity Officer (ACDO), Sheree Marlowe, J.D., was hired in July 2013 to help promote diversity and inclusion-related initiatives campus-wide. Sheree comes to us from UC San Francisco where she held the position of Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager since 2012. She is a first generation graduate from college and an attorney who practiced law for 5 years specializing in Civil Rights Litigation, Employment Law and Criminal Law.