Zipcar Car Sharing Services

To: UCSC Students

From: Larry Pageler, Transportation and Parking Services Director

UCSC Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) contracts with Zipcar to offer car sharing as one of our sustainable transportation programs. Zipcar, a membership-based car rental program, is an excellent option for students that provides self-service 24/7 access to vehicles on campus and around Santa Cruz. 

We encourage students to consider joining Zipcar rather than bringing a car to campus or the neighboring community. UCSC students 18 years of age and older are eligible to join Zipcar. Zipcar is affordable and convenient, and priced from $7.50 per hour (which includes all vehicle fees, gas, insurance, mileage and reserved parking on campus). Zipcar makes it easy to have access to a car for personal use when you really need it. You can reserve a car online by the hour or day and just pay as you go. 
Right now Zipcar is offering all UCSC students a $25 reduced rate membership. Apply for a new membership at by December 7th and receive a $50 driving credit by using the promotional code THANKSGIVING13. 
Current Zipcar members can get a $15 driving credit by typing in the code TURKEY13 at (offer expires 12/31/13).