Yesterday's strike activity

To: UCSC Community

From: Campus Provost/EVC Alison Galloway

I want to acknowledge the impact that yesterday's strike activities had on students, faculty, and staff. And I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

Chancellor Blumenthal and I respect the rights of represented employees to engage in lawful strike activity. We strongly disapprove, however, of the tactic of blocking access to campus.

This particular strike impeded our students' access to the classes for which they've paid; distressed members of our campus community, including those who live on campus; and left many faculty and other staff unable to get to and do their work.

As you know, early yesterday the chancellor and I asked people to avoid driving — and even coming — to campus. That request was based on one overriding consideration: the safety of the people we would be asking to drive through the campus gates, as well as the safety of the strikers and those joining them in protest.

In closing, I want to also thank the employees who worked very long hours yesterday, keeping essential student services, communications, and law enforcement available for the campus. I am profoundly grateful for their service and support.