Why I Give


Linda Peterson (Stevenson '70)

Paul Hall (Merrill '72)

I was a quiet, shy student from a working-class background. I was inspired by a three-quarter Community Studies project with the California Rural Legal Assistance program. It helped me understand the importance of being involved with the community. Santa Cruz does that. From an inward place, you become conscious of the wider community. I want others to have that experience.

–Linda Peterson (Stevenson '70)

UC Santa Cruz Foundation Trustee

Chair, Campaign Steering Committee

Associate general counsel, Occidental Petroleum, Los Angeles


I am extraordinarily grateful for the quality of thinking and community and intellectual endeavor I experienced at UCSC. A whole lot of people feel like I do and give back. My motivation is the same as that of all the other volunteers—some not alums. Those who didn't go to school here have a similar feeling, which is that UC Santa Cruz is something very special.

–Paul Hall (Merrill '72)

UC Santa Cruz Foundation Trustee

Board president; member of Campaign Steering Committee

Partner, DLA Piper's litigation practice, San Francisco