The Campaign for UC Santa Cruz


Chancellor Blumenthal
Chancellor George Blumenthal (photo by James MacKenzie)

This is a pivotal moment for UC Santa Cruz.

This month—October 2013—UCSC is launching publicly its first comprehensive campaign and charting a new course for the future.

Already, inspired donors have contributed $146 million toward our campaign goal of $300 million—funds that support even more groundbreaking faculty research, improved campus facilities, and achievement for today's students and tomorrow's.

This campaign is making UCSC stronger than ever, energizing it with new partnerships and bringing it new resources. It is an opportunity for all of us to invest in this extraordinary place—to invest in what matters.

UCSC has almost reached the half-century mark, but we're not looking backward—we're charging ahead. We have great ambitions. Philanthropic support will launch us into this bright future.

We are raising money for the things that make UC Santa Cruz great: The experiences that prepare our students for life and leadership, and the high-impact research our faculty is doing that is changing the world. We are ready for our next step, and we invite you to take it with us.

We walk this path holding fast to the values of social responsibility and environmental stewardship that are at the core of UCSC's being. We will stand for the right things and ask tough questions of ourselves and of others.

The campus's commitment to its students is its No. 1 priority. An undergraduate degree from UCSC must always mean something delightfully and intrinsically different than a degree from anywhere else.

From its beginnings, UCSC has delivered progressive, bold, fearless inquiry that benefits individuals and the planet. That difference leads UCSC students to outdoor and real-world learning, to questioning the accepted ways of thinking, to challenging and rigorous instruction that prepares them for fulfilling, meaningful careers and lives.

UCSC alumni have walked in space, advised presidents, written award-winning news and fiction, and fought for the common good, among many other accomplishments.

In this issue of Review, you will learn more about the campaign initiatives that position us to leave our mark on the world.

Importantly, this campaign is comprehensive—meaning it will support research and student projects all across campus, in our academic divisions and in the colleges. It highlights our long-standing drive to honor excellence and promote accessibility through scholarships and fellowships.

This fundraising campaign is about changing lives. That's what education does. That's what research does.

We want to change more lives. We want the world to know about this special place, this spirited experiment.

We are shouting it from the rooftops now. Join us!

—George Blumenthal

Chancellor, UC Santa Cruz