The Campaign for UC Santa Cruz seeks support that will enable excellence in all areas across the campus, while highlighting the needs of students, several initiatives, and other special projects.

The Student Experience

The campaign’s foundational initiative seeks support for enhancing learning, nurturing leadership, and launching lives.  It includes programmatic support and facilities upgrades for:

•  UCSC's 10 residential colleges

•  Reopening the Quarry Amphitheater

•  Undergraduate research

•  Leadership development

Signature Initiatives

Genomics and Health: Building on an unparalleled record of leadership in genomics research, including the decision in 2000 to post the first assembled human genome sequence online, the university seeks to establish the UCSC Genomics Institute. It will be dedicated to genomics research and its scientific and human implications.

Coastal Sustainability: UCSC is a global leader in marine science and environmental studies, which gives it expertise on both land and sea for tackling the pressing issues of coastal sustainability. From coastal economics to climate change to protecting threatened species, the goal of the initiative is to make a substantive impact on issues surrounding fragile coastal ecosystems.

Leadership in Data Science: UC Santa Cruz is positioned to become a leader in the emerging field of data science. It has strong synergy with areas of existing strength, including genomics and astronomy, and great potential to elevate impact elsewhere. UCSC’s ties to nearby Silicon Valley provide an unparalleled flow of information, ideas, and people.

Institute of the Arts and Sciences: UCSC’s history of bringing together scholars in seemingly disparate disciplines has led to one of its most innovative endeavors to date — an institute that will be dedicated to exploring the intersection of art and science. The institute will be at the forefront of artistic and scientific experimentation, and become a “town square” for collaboration and exhibitions centered on challenging, contemporary issues.

Excellence Across the University

In addition to the universitywide initiatives, each academic division and the UCSC Library have identified priorities and goals to ensure continued excellence and national leadership:

Social Sciences: Includes reconsidering economic systems, exploring emerging worlds, environmental leadership, and Latin American and Latino studies.

Physical And Biological Sciences:  Includes marine science, astronomy and planetary science, the science of medicine, and student excellence.

Humanities: Includes Institute for Humanities Research, Jewish Studies, New Humanists Fund

• Baskin School Of Engineering: Includes data science, genomics, games and playable media, and water and power sustainability.

Arts: In addition to the Institute of the Arts and Sciences, includes film building and named school of the arts.

University Library: Includes renovating the Science & Engineering Library, increasing digital access, and bolstering special collections.

Scholarships and Fellowships

The campaign also seeks endowed and immediate-use support for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships that will ensure California and the world’s top students — from all backgrounds and circumstances — have an opportunity to choose UCSC.

 And the campaign seeks support for faculty through endowed chairs and professorships and division-identified teaching and research initiatives will deepen UCSC’s work in research, scholarship, and the arts.