Photos from move-in 2013

Photos by Carolyn Lagattuta

New students and their families arrive at UCSC on Friday morning to move into their rooms at Oakes College.

  • Family helps out.
  • Striking a pose while moving in with a mattress pad.
  • Moving to college calls for a lava lamp.
  • Proud parents are all around on Move-in day.
  • Mom and dad are proud of their college student.
  • The lava lamp: a required element.
  • Move-in day *moves* more smoothly with UCSC's stellar student volunteers.
  • UCSC's hills make hauling your stuff a workout.
  • It's good to have a family member haul your heavy stuff.
  • CPEVC Alison Galloway lends a hand to a student moving in.
  • In their room and getting to know each other at Oakes College.
  • Mom and dad help unpack as well.
  • The Oakes College move-in volunteer team.
  • Welcome to Oakes College.
  • Another move-in volunteer.
  • Volunteers make sure everyone is hydrated on this fogless morning.
  • Sometimes you just need a map. This hand-drawn map shows new students how to get around UCSC's expansive campus.
  • Volunteers take new students right to their rooms.
  • Desk lamp, rose bud and garbage can. All of the essentials.
  • Hand made signs and banners let everyone know what's going on this weekend to welcome our students.
  • Having a bike to get around campus is a great idea.
  • Moving everything from car to room takes time.