Beware of Scams

To: UCSC Community

From: Nader Oweis, Chief of Police; Mary Doyle, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology

With the beginning of the academic year, the Police Department and Information Technology Services want to take this opportunity to remind you to beware of scams.

Unscrupulous people are constantly coming up with scams designed to trick you. Scams can lead to identity theft, regular theft, access to your accounts and personal information, and compromised computers.  

Scams can come in many forms including via phone, email, text, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, calendar entries, etc. Examples:
  •     Someone you don’t know calls you asking for money or access to your accounts or computer
  •     Emails or texts trying to trick you into clicking on a harmful link or attachment
  •     Phony security alerts – email, pop-ups or Facebook notices warning that your computer is at risk of being infected, typically with a link to click
  •     A message or calendar event supposedly from someone you know stranded in a foreign country asking for money
How to Protect Yourself
  •     Don’t open files, click links, or call numbers in unsolicited emails, text messages, IMs, Facebook postings, tweets, etc.
  •     Always verify the identity of a person asking you for information, money, or access to your accounts, computer, etc.
  •     If you can’t verify something is legitimate, ignore, delete it, or ask the person who supposedly sent it.  
  •     Never - ever - ever - reveal your password!!
  •     Report crimes and criminal activity to the Police Department at (831) 459- 2231
More information about scams can be found at,, or