To: UCSC Physical Planning and Construction

From: Impacts of Summer Construction Projects

This summer there are several construction projects the campus is undertaking to improve our Electrical, Gas, Heating Water, and Storm Water systems, as well as the start of a two-summer major renovation and renewal of residential facilities at Merrill College. While there will be some inconvenience during the construction of these projects, they encompass much needed improvements to our campus infrastructure and will strengthen the capacity and reliability of important campus support systems. The overall result of these projects is that several parking areas will be closed for periods of time and construction in roads may result in some traffic delays particularly around the Hagar / Steinhart intersection this summer. Cyclists traversing this intersection should use extra caution.

If you have any questions about these projects, please call 459-2170, or send an email to 

Please click on this link for a map of construction impact locations and a more detailed description of the projects.