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With finals a week away, we’d like to wish all our students the best of luck! We’d also like to welcome them to their temporary new home (McHenry Library).

Danielle Langman: I miss McHenry. Regardless of how many painful hours were spent slaving away on papers, it was always refreshing to look out the window and see the beautiful redwood trees.

Mad love out to our Banana Slug family today! Do you have a UCSC love story? Share it with us!

Colleen Jendreas: Met my husband on move in day at College 8 in Sept. 2001. Been married 5 years now with a 1 year old son. It was Slug love at first sight!

The last time the San Francisco 49ers won the SuperBowl was 1994, which happens to be the same year Vincent Vega wore a Banana Slugs shirt in the movie Pulp Fiction. Coincidence? Not likely. What were you doing in 1994?

Theda Weston: Freshman at Porter College and watched Pulp Fiction downtown! Go 49ers!

UCSC has lost a great friend. Do you have memories of Don Rothman, our beloved teacher of writing? Please feel free to share.

Deborah Baeza: When I arrived at UCSC, I liked to write. By the time I left, I LOVED it. RIP, Don Rothman.