Joseph Bunnett Research Organic Chemistry Lecture on Friday, May 3

Kendall N. Houk

Professor Kendall N. Houk, the Saul Winstein Chair of Organic Chemistry at UCLA, will give the 13th annual Joseph F. Bunnett Research Organic Chemistry Lecture at UCSC on Friday, May 3. Houk's talk, "Theory and mechanisms of cycloadditions: applications in synthesis, chemical biology, and materials," will take place at 5 p.m. in the Baskin Engineering Auditorium.

Houk is the author of over 865 scientific publications, has trained hundreds of scientists, and has received numerous national and international awards. A member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, he was a past director of the chemistry division at the National Science Foundation. Houk's contributions to science are significant and include: theoretical and computational organic chemistry via creating rules to understand reactivity; computer modeling of complex organic reactions; experimental tests of theoretical predictions about reactivity; theoretical investigations and design of enzyme-catalyzed reactions; quantitative modeling of asymmetric reactions used in synthesis, and mechanisms and dynamics of pericyclic reactions and competing diradical processes.

For additional information about this lecture and to register, visit the symposium web page at, or call (831) 459-3154.