A letter from Provost Aimée Dorr regarding tax checkoff for cancer research

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Aimée Dorr, Provost and Executive Vice President University of California, Office of the President

Throughout the state and at all UC campuses, researchers are working on new ways to prevent, treat and cure cancer. As we approach the peak of the tax season, I wanted to share information on how you can support cancer research that serves all California communities.

At the end of California tax form 540, there is a section in which you can donate to two highly regarded cancer research programs that are administered by the UC Office of the President.

If you go to line 405, you can contribute to the California Breast Cancer Research Fund, and if you go to line 413, you can donate to the California Cancer Research Fund.

No contribution is too small, and 95 percent of contributions to these two programs go directly to cancer research or community-based education.

Donations from line 405 go to UC’s California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP). Over the years, these contributions have supported important research including: developing simple tests to pinpoint whether the cancer is aggressive or not; investigating therapies to block the cancer; identifying environmental factors that can contribute to the disease; and improving support networks for patients and families.

Donations from line 413 are administered by UC’s Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP). Like CBCRP, it is renowned not only for its innovative research, but also for working with advocates throughout the state to target the issues and needs of communities, especially the underserved.

The California Cancer Research Fund currently supports a project to increase the awareness of the impact of tobacco use and cancer in vulnerable populations. This year, research will focus on lung cancer screening in high-risk communities to detect the disease in its early and treatable stages.

Thanks to the donations from tax filers, research in all parts of California will help strengthen prevention programs, decrease cancer rates, improve survival and quality of life, and cut health care costs.

You can learn more about how past donations have supported research by visiting these websites: cbcrp.org and trdrp.org