Easing students through the dog days of midterms

About 30 students stopped by to say hello to Layna on Friday evening. 

Layna the therapy dog was on hand to calm hard-working students for three nights during mid-terms on campus.

The dog was stationed, for three hours per night, at the Science and Engineering Library. 

In its report about the program, the Santa Cruz Sentinel spoke with Layna's owner, UCSC librarian Ann Hubble, "who has witnessed students' study stress all too often ... She has seen firsthand how well students on campus react to encountering a friendly canine, where dogs are not normally permitted."

The story continues: "Originally Layna was being trained as a guide dog for the blind. Hubble started taking the black lab to work with her when she was about 5 months old, and Layna attracted positive attention every where she went on campus."

"She got an early start on learning to socialize and behave around lots of people," Hubble said.

Read the full story published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.