Engaging the Fall 2013 class

To: UCSC Faculty

From:  Richard Hughey, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education

I seek your assistance in the engagement of admitted international, out-of-state, and California students.

We are beginning to see the outcomes of the outreach and policy efforts toward increasing non-resident enrollment. As a result, the international non-resident admit pool climbed 165% to 1204, while the domestic non-resident admit group climbed 43% to 1088.

We had the highest UC percentage increase in total applications (+16.9%, to ~46,000). Our overall admit rate for Fall 2013 fell to 47% from 60.5% last year, the result of many years of growth in reputation and ranking. This change in selectivity leaves many disappointed applicants, families, and supporters.

How can you help? Please volunteer to join our intensive recruitment and yield effort for students from all backgrounds at: http://admissions.sa.ucsc.edu/phone.

Here, you can offer to phone or email students; admissions will follow up with you about the students you would most like to engage.  The most important part of the yield process is happening right now, so please register today, and encourage your colleagues to join the effort. One of the highlights of UCSC is faculty engagement with students; in order to fully acquaint prospective students with our campus, it is important to begin right away. A big thank you to those who have already registered.

Admissions can also help with targeted messaging from programs, such as all students or subgroups of students interested in specific majors. Please direct questions and comments to Michael McCawley, Director of Admissions, mikemc@ucsc.edu.