End-of-Quarter Stress

To: UCSC Students

From: Sue Matthews, Associate Vice Chancellor for Colleges, Housing and Educational Services; Alma Sifuentes, Dean of Students

As the quarter draws to a close, it is not unusual for our students to feel some pressure or anxiety as they work on important assignments and take final exams.

While some stress associated with your studies is utterly normal and to be expected, it is important to check in with yourself to ensure that stress levels remain within a healthy range.

The added stress associated with the end of the quarter can provide that extra little push which may help you to complete your assignments.  This can serve as a source of motivation to get things done and has been referred to as “healthy stress”.  However, stress that feels punishing or inescapable to the point that it interferes with the achievement of your goals, indicates that it has begun to creep beyond a healthy range and should raise concern.

Typically, students who are overwhelmed with stress describe things such as being unable to sleep, feeling preoccupied with worry and hopelessness, physical symptoms (headaches, muscle aches, etc.) and at times an inability to perform daily functions or even just get out of bed.

To help maintain a feeling of balance you can find at least one hour a day to do something enjoyable such as exercise, listening to music, reading, hiking, dancing or something that serves as a “release” for you.  You could also check in with a faculty or staff member with whom your feel comfortable.  If you find yourself struggling, it is best to seek support sooner than later.  Lastly, know that there are resources here on campus to help you through difficult times:

See/Say/Do Something

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS also offers tips for self help

SHOP (Student Health Outreach & Promotion)

Crisis Support Lines:

  On campus: 831-459-2628

  Off campus: 1-877-663-5433

Please accept our best wishes for success in your final projects and final exams and for a relaxing and enjoyable spring break.