10th Scholarship Benefit Dinner set for Saturday, February 23 at UCSC

The 10th annual Scholarship Benefit Dinner is set for Saturday, February 23, at UC Santa Cruz.

Co-chairs are Santa Cruz Mayor Hilary Bryant (Porter, '94, biology) and Santa Cruz County Supervisor Zach Friend (Porter, '01, history).

If you’ve ever wondered whether public education is worth supporting,  look no further than the stories of our students. Some have overcome significant challenges in their pursuit of higher education. All have received a learning experience that has galvanized their lives and inspired their future.

Seventy percent of UCSC students require financial aid. More than one-third are from underrepresented groups. Half of the incoming frosh last fall were first-generation students whose parents haven't earned a four-year degree.

Increased scholarship funding is vital to our students' success. It ensures that those who have earned a place at this great university have the opportunity to attend, regardless of financial means. Scholarships improve retention and graduation rates, which makes the entire education system more efficient. It means students can maximize their educational experience with less interruption and less worry about debt and making ends meet.

More information is available at http://events.ucsc.edu/sbd/