Slug into action with CruzFit 2013

CruzFit 2013 6-inch.jpg
CruzFit 2010 006.jpg
Staff members Brent Cooley, Trevor Michalchuk, and Thomas Lee participate in CruzFit 2010. 

UCSC Wellness kicks off its CruzFit Team Challenge on January 14.

The goal of this free wellness program, which runs through March 8, is to encourage all members of the UCSC community to be physically active and learn more about improving their personal wellness.

Teams of two, three, or four participate in wellness and physical activities of their choice—anytime and anywhere—and log their sessions over the course of the eight weeks. After all team members complete minimum minutes of exercise, they receive a collectors' edition CruzFit 2013 t-shirt.

There are some new features this year, including three different difficulty levels so that each team member can choose the level that best challenges them (easy, moderate, hard). In addition, Wellness has developed a new tracker, which can be uploaded into Google Docs so everyone can track their own progress and see the progress of each individual and the team as a whole.

For information and to sign up, visit UCSC Wellness.