UCPath Center Open Recruitment Announcement

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: UCSC Project Management Office

The UC Office of the President has asked campuses to help announce the opening of recruitment for positions in the new UCPath Center in Riverside. The full text of their announcement follows, and includes links for more information on the UCPath Center and these opportunities.

UCPath is the name for the University’s new payroll and human resources information system, replacing the 30-year old Payroll Personnel System (PPS) system. The project includes replacing PPS and implementing a systemwide shared service center called the UCPath Center in an effort to more effectively and efficiently deliver payroll and human resource services to all UC employees.

For more information on UCSC’s local UCPath project, visit


Recruiting is now open and applications are being accepted for the UCPath Center.

Recruitment has opened for new career opportunities at the UCPath Center. The University is committed to supporting the UC community by giving priority consideration to current UC employees seeking employment opportunities at the UCPath Center. All UC employees are encouraged to explore these opportunities, which can be found on the
UC systemwide job board.

As part of the UCPath project, the University is opening a new shared services center to support payroll, academic personnel, timekeeping, and human resources services for employees at all UC campuses and medical centers. The shared service center, called the UCPath Center, will be located in Riverside.

The UCPath Center is offering career opportunities in:  Benefits, Payroll, Human Resources, Fulfillment and Records, Quality, Business Operations, HR Information systems, and Customer Service. The University expects to hire 156 positions by April, 2013, and up to 500 positions when the Center is fully operational in October, 2014.

Applications from current UC employees will be screened, qualified applicants will be interviewed, and job offers will be made prior to interviewing external applicants. In the event that two candidates are equally qualified, priority will be given to current UC employees. By attracting current UC employees, the UCPath Center will build a team that is familiar with the University’s culture and better positioned to deliver quality service to UC employees.

The recruitment period for managerial, technical, and executive support positions closes on December 21, 2012; for all other positions the recruitment period will close on January 18, 2013.

Applications are being accepted at the University systemwide job board at:

http://ucpath.universityofcalifornia.edu  to learn more about UCPath and UCPath Center opportunities.

Questions about UCPath Center jobs and recruiting can be sent to:


The beginning of UCPath Center recruiting is an exciting milestone for the UC community.  We encourage all UC employees to explore and consider these job opportunities.