Photos from the Cowell Press

Photos by Carolyn Lagattuta

  • At the Cowell Press, preparation is key.

    Student preparing for print
  • Poet and Cowell Press instructor Gary Young says setting a poem in type gives it "heft. It becomes substantial."

    Gary Young
  • A student carves a linoleum block for his project.

    Student carving his work.
  • Ruebi Jimenez preps one of the aging Vandercook Presses before making a proof of her fine-art poster. She says the class is a way to slow down in a world of multi-tasking.

    Student using the press
  • A student works the old art of printing as he sets metal type in a wood form.

    Students set their type
  • Ruebi Jimenez makes sure type is set tightly in the form.

    Student sets her type
  • Paolina Fisher, an art major at Cowell College, carves a linoleum block that reads "All My Friends Are Science Majors," a playful reflection of her college experience.

    Paolina Fisher carves a linoleum block
  • Megan Barrett, an art history major at Porter College works on her poster. She and student Alexis Kageyama are putting together a portfolio of Cowell Press work.

    Megan Barrett
  • Alexis Kageyama, a sociology and psychology major at Cowell College, said the class is an outlet for her creativity.

    Alexis Kageyama
  • Instructor Gary Young checks a student's proof. His poet's eye and handyman skills serve him well in the class.

    Gary Young
  • Type is held in a wood form as it has been done for centuries.

    Type in a wooden form
  • The world of words and tools come together at Cowell Press.

    Wooden type press