UC Learning Center Launched at UCSC

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Pamela Peterson, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor Staff Human Resources

Staff Human Resources is pleased to announce the rollout of the systemwide UC Learning Center on our campus. The new UC Learning Center is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides campus units the ability to easily access, track, and manage training needs and the resources required for delivery.

The system is highly configurable and anyone who is seeking training or managing the training of staff will appreciate its functionality around enrollment, notifications, reminders, certifications, and reporting. The application includes both instructor-led (classroom) training and online training, and it enables managers to easily monitor and report on training for their direct reports.

Approximately 123 courses have been placed into the system thus far. Many of these are compliance related courses but we have also added several of our regular campus course offerings and other trainings at the request of clients.

All employees can visit http://learningcenter.ucsc.edu to log on and explore the site by using their CruzID and Gold password. In fact, if you have completed the UC Ethical Values & Conduct General Compliance Briefing, congratulations, you have already used the system.

We intend to use the system to the breadth of its ability. Please contact us at learningcenter@ucsc.edu if your organization has a training that you would like to add to the LMS or if you would like a group demonstration. We will manage requests on a first come–first served basis, although compliance requirements, urgency, and timeliness of the project will be taken into consideration as needed.

We look forward to sharing this valuable tool with you.