UCSC in the News

Astronomer Greg Laughlin was widely featured as an outside expert in coverage of the discovery of a rocky planet orbiting a star in Alpha Centauri, our nearest stellar neighbor; he did a long interview on the national radio program "To the Point" produced by KCRW in Los Angeles and Public Radio International and was interviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered" and ABC Radio (Australia) and quoted in stories from the Associated Press, Reuters, Time, Economist, Science News, Wired News, Huffington Post, Ars Technica, National Geographic, Sky & Telescope, Discovery News, Cosmos, Yahoo News, Inside Bay Area, Space.com, and LiveScience.

In coverage of several new studies on the origin of the moon, reporters turned to planetary scientist Erik Asphaug as an outside expert; he was interviewed on NPR's "Science Friday" and quoted in stories from the Los Angeles Times and Scientific American.

Asphaug's own research on the origin of the Saturn system prompted stories in Nature, Santa Cruz Sentinel, UPI, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, TG Daily, LiveScience, IEEE Spectrum, PhysOrg, and RedOrbit.

Earth scientists Paul Koch and Sora Kim were featured in a San Francisco Chronicle story about their research on the diets of great white sharks.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel covered the Practical Activism conference at Colleges Nine and Ten where professor emerita Angela Davis was the keynote speaker.

The Sentinel also wrote about the Food What?! program that is part of Life Lab at the UCSC Farm and quoted a UCSC graduate and student who are involed with the program.

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