UCSC in the News

Seismologist Thorne Lay was interviewed on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" and BBC Radio News for stories about the April 2012 Sumatra earthquakes, and was also quoted in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Science News, Nature, Earth Times, Our Amazing Planet, LiveScience, and international news outlets such as ABC Radio (Australia), Cosmos (Australia), Kyoto News (Japan), Deutschlandfunk (Germany), and EFE (Spain).

Astronomer Garth Illingworth was featured in coverage of the Hubble Space Telescope's eXtreme Deep Field image of distant galaxies, including stories from KION TV, Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Jose Mercury News, Christian Science Monitor, Wired News, Mashable, MSNBC, UPI, Reuters, Popular Science, National Geographic, Discovery News, Sky & Telescope, Gizmodo, ZDNet, Universe Today, Astronomy, Space.com, StarDate, CNET, Voice of America,  and more.

Bioinformatics experts Josh Stuart and David Haussler were featured in coverage of new findings on the genetics of breast cancer, including stories from the San Francisco Chronicle, KCBS Radio, Houston Chronicle, HealthNews, HealthCanal, and Novato Patch.

Good Times Weekly ran a story about bioinformatics expert Jim Kent and his work on the ENCODE genomics project.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story about biologist Terrie Williams's research on endangered Hawaiian monk seals.

Ocean scientist Greg Rau was featured in a KQED Radio news story on ocean acidification.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel published an interview with art professor Lewis Watts about his research, photographs of New Orleans and Cuba, and upcoming exhibition at the Sesnon Gallery.  

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