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Are you still connected to your first roommate? What life lesson did you take away from the experience?

Tracie Burruel: My first roommate is one of my closest friends. Life lessons … time helps you remember the good things. Stay in touch with the ones you like, you may never see them again. If you come home to spaghetti on the ceiling, get new roommates. Look out for each other.

What wisdom did you gain from the wildlife during your time on campus?

Andrea Wagman-Christian: It’s what the wildlife did for my son. He is a more whole person … between the redwoods, ferns and raccoons, the pine needles underfoot and the sweet smell in the air, I know he has a deeper spirit than if he had stayed in the city for college. He will always long to reproduce that his whole life. Welcome to all the new Banana Slugs! Steve Raphael: one of the best days of my life … being dropped off at my dorm in august of 1990. a new chapter started … and UCSC was just perfect.

What’s your best memory of graduation weekend?

Kate Grimes: 1980—Oakes, Patrick and I counting down the days to our wedding, 1982, my Oakes graduation, and going out for chocolate madness at the Saturn Cafe. We came back in 2010 for our son’s graduation from Kresge. good times all.

Ryn Schneider: leaving our house on Archer Dr. and walking to take the shuttle to Porter College wearing our cap and gowns as a solid group of friends that stuck together for 4 years through it all. Class of 2004, thanks for the memories!