Onward California Tour touches down at UCSC

onward california fun.jpg
Students flocked to the Onward California event to learn about UC's many impacts and sample free ice cream. Photos by Carolyn Lagatutta.
Onward California booths.jpg
Informational booths provided detailed information about the UC system's far-ranging impacts in California and beyond. 

Throngs of UCSC students flocked to Quarry Plaza, braving high temperatures and cooling off with free ice cream during the Onward California Tour’s stopover on campus.

The event was part of a campaign designed to call attention to and celebrate the various ways the UC system has boosted California and helped Californians.

The stop-over at UCSC was an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to meet members of the UC tour while hanging out under colorful parasols, visiting an “art wall,” enjoying a traveling UC informational exhibit, and licking "Vanill-Lick" gelato bars—a flavor designed especially for UCSC while calling attention to the groundbreaking achievement's of UCSC's Lick Observatory, located on Mount Hamilton.

Other flavors on offer included “Cognitive Chocolate,” “Being Green,” “Energizer Coffee” and “Limelight.”

While spreading awareness of UC's far-ranging impacts in the Golden State, the Onward California tour is also a call for solidarity and support.

UCSC faculty will be featured on the Onward California website. Starting October 9, marine biologist Terrie Williams will have a video presentation entitled "50 Years to Save This Species," and astronomer Steve Vogt will have a presentation entitled "An Incredibly Hostile Universe" starting on October 23.

The Onward California Tour also includes stops in various UC campuses and other locations including Venice Beach and the Davis Farmers Market.

See the slide show here.