UCSC in the News

Glaciologist Slawek Tulaczyk was interviewed on BBC radio and quoted in coverage of his team's findings of potential methane beneath the Antarctic ice sheets, including stories from Time magazine, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Huffington Post, New Zealand Herald, Independent, PhysOrg, and RedOrbit.

Physicist Anthony Aguirre was featured in a BBC TV documentary about the efforts of cosmologists to map the universe.

Evolutionary biologist Beth Shapiro was quoted in a Science article about a new technique for sequencing ancient DNA.

An article on TechCrunch describes how the Ph.D. research that alumnus Sage Weil did at UCSC led to a new file system for data storage that is now part of the Linux operating system.

Planetary scientist Ian Garrick-Bethell was quoted in a story from Space.com and CBSnews.com about his team's proposal to use small, inexpensive satellites called CubeSats to explore the moon.

Astronomer Greg Laughlin was quoted as an outside expert in stories about a new planet discovery in Astronomy and Sky & Telescope.

The San Jose Mercury News and Santa Cruz Sentinel published a story about humanities alumnus and acoustic guitarist Brian Gore, founding producer of the touring festival, “International Guitar Night.“

Inside Bay Area and the Contra Costa Times reviewed Shakespeare Santa Cruz’s “The Man in the Iron Mask.”

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about  UCSC alumna and novelist Laurie King and her new book, "Garment of Shadows."

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