Engineer Jacob Rosen featured in research profile

jacob rosen
Jacob Rosen

Jacob Rosen, a professor of computer engineering in the Baskin School of Engineering, describes his work in the multidisciplinary field of medical robotics in a new UC Research Profile.

Rosen and his fellow researchers at the UC Santa Cruz Bionics Lab are developing robotic systems with the potential to help many people. Their main areas of research are "exoskeletons" that help stroke victims recover the ability to control arm movement, and remote surgical robotics that will allow doctors to operate without actually being on the scene, as well as to work with robotic "partners" to speed up surgeries. Last spring, the Silicon Valley Business Journal honored Rosen with its "Health Care Hero Award" for his robotics research.

The profile of Rosen, including a Q & A, is currently featured on the University of California Research web page. To read the full story, go to UC Research Profiles.