UC Santa Cruz ranked 12th for Outside readers

Outside Magazine Ranking

The award-winning national magazine gave UCSC high marks for its direct connection with outdoor enthusiasts and environmentally conscious readers.

Along with an obsession for the wilderness, the criteria for ranking includes affordable yearly tuition for residents and nonresidents. 

Ratings were also based on students expressing interest in attending a university that allows them to absorb ideas while embracing the unique culture of that college. 

The Outside feature is putting the spotlight on hands-on learning experiences at UCSC, and includes shout-outs to the wilderness orientation program for frosh, the marine biology department, and “a range of classes and trips from surfing, sailing, kayaking and rowing to hiking, backpacking, camping and climbing.” 

The article also captures some magic moments that may seem surreal to Outside readers, but will come as no surprise to UCSC students. Even the very first line of the story paints a vivid word picture of the wooded campus: “When you step onto this fairytale-like campus, don’t be surprised to see fawns prancing around the greenery, backdropped by sprawling views of the Pacific.”