UCSC in the News

National Public Radio broadcast a segment about the UCSC Grateful Dead Archive on its signature program All Things Considered  that ran on hundreds of radio stations and web sites throughout the U.S. and Canada, featuring interviews with UCSC’s archivist Nicholas Meriwether and bandmember Mickey Hart. It was NPR’s second most e-mailed story of the day. 

Biologist Marm Kilpatrick was quoted in a New York Times article about the ecology of disease, which also ran in the International Herald Tribune.

Biologists Kate Langwig and Marm Kilpatrick were quoted in stories about their research on white-nose syndrome in bats in the New York Times Green Blog, Scientific American, and McClatchy Newspapers.

Astronomer Steve Vogt's new findings on the existence of a potentially habitable planet orbiting a relatively nearby star garnered international coverage, including stories from Australia's Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, and Herald Sun, as well as USA Today, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Space.com, Universe Today, Daily Galaxy, io9, Zee News, and Asian News International.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Jose Mercury News, and Inside Bay Area ran a story about the filming of a Science Channel TV program featuring astronomer Greg Laughlin, who used bumper cars at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk to explain questions about the future of our solar system.

Physicist David Smith has an article in the August issue of Scientific American about high-energy gamma rays produced during thunderstorms.

Physicist Howard Haber was quoted in an article about the search for the Higgs boson in New Scientist magazine.

Seismologist Thorne Lay was quoted in a story about the 2012 Sumatra earthquake on MSNBC and Our Amazing Planet.

Marine biologist Baldo Marinovic was quoted in a Santa Cruz Patch story about whale watching in Monterey Bay.

The San Jose Mercury News featured an interview with Shakespeare Santa Cruz’s Artistic Director Marco Barricelli on the state of Shakespeare Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran an extensive Arts Section cover story on the 2012 season. Stories also appeared in the Santa Cruz Weekly and Good Times.

A Santa Cruz Sentinel story about poet Robert Sward noted that he has taught at UC Santa Cruz, as well as Cornell and the Iowa Writers Workshop.

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