UCSC in the News

Biologist Terrie Williams was a guest on the Diane Rehm Show to discuss her new book on Hawaiian monk seals, The Odyssey of KP2, which was also reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Astronomer Sebastiano Cantalupo was quoted in coverage of his team's discovery of "dark galaxies" of the early universe, including stories in Astronomy magazine, BBC News, CNN, MSNBC, Economist, Talking Points Memo, Space.com, Space Ref, Ars Technica, Universe Today, Daily Galaxy, and PhysOrg.

History professor and Honduras expert Dana Frank was quoted in a CNN story about recent DEA killings in Honduras and U.S. policy.

The Los Angeles Times quoted emeritus professor of music David Cope for a story about “Darwinian software” that was created to compose computer-generated music.

The San Francisco Chronicle reviewed a new CD by alumna Emily Jane White, noting “the UC Santa Cruz alum goes deep, inhabiting the dreamy songs with her torchy voice and evocative imagery.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune noted that Theater Arts lecturer Kirsten Brandt is directing the San Diego Repertory Theatre’s production of the influential Latino play 'Zoot Suit' by Luis Valdez.

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