Boston Clambake

Saturday, August 25, 2012
9:30am until 8:00pm in EDT

Canoe Beach, East Point, Nahant, MA

Save the Date--Aug. 25 for 2nd Annual BSLUG Clambake

If you missed this last year, don't let it happen again--join us for this extraordinary event! Check out the fabulous photos from last year taken by Steve Vincent posted on the B-SLUG Facebook page recently.

On Saturday, August 25, on Canoe Beach at East Point, Nahant (location of the Northeastern Marine Science Center), we will participate in creating an authentic New England clambake.

Under the direction of Joe Ayers, clambake organizer extraordinaire and Northeastern professor at the Marine Science Center, we will cook lobsters and steamer clams using traditional techniques.

This is the drill: we dig a pit, fill it with rocks and cord wood, light it and let it burn down. We then cover it with fresh seaweed and place frames containing lobsters, steamer clams, codfish, salmon, Fenway franks, corn on the cob, sweet onions and potatoes. We then cover this with a tarp soaked in seawater, seal the edges and let it steam. 

We'll pull this off for $20-25/person (children negotiable), with an additional infusion of BSLUG funds.

For those of you who want this real experience, it will be an all day affair. Otherwise, dinner will probably be ready around 6:30 p.m. Pray for great weather! Last year it was so warm and lovely we went swimming at what felt like our own private beach.

All family and friends are welcome. RSVP DEADLINE SAT. AUGUST 4

Questions? Just send Beata an email at