UCSC in the News

Prom Week, a game about social relationships developed by faculty and students at the Center for Games and Playable Media, was featured in coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), including reviews from Wired ("among the most entertaining and innovative things I've yet seen at E3"), IndieGames, and VideoGameInfo, as well as a feature story in Edge magazine about artificial intelligence in games.

Anthropology professor Melissa Caldwell was quoted in a National Geographic article on Russian dachas. Caldwell is the author of Dacha Idylls, Living Organically in Russia's Countryside.

Forbes magazine featured an article on Ellen Moir, former chair of UCSC'S  teacher education program and founder of the New Teacher Center that spun off on its own in 2009 after 21 years at UCSC

Astronomers Greg Laughlin and Tony Misch were quoted in coverage of the transit of Venus in the Atlantic and New Scientist magazine.

Physicist Alexander Sher's research on retinal diseases was covered in Discovery News, Biospace, and Laser Focus World.

Astrophysicist Stan Woosley was quoted in an article about supernovas in Science.

An opinion piece in the International Business Times about solitary confinement quoted research by psychology professor Craig Haney.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel wrote about the trend of graduate students using Kickstarter and other crowd-source funding strategies to support their research.

Science quoted environmental studies professor Chris Wilmers in an article in the online Science Now about mountain lion research UC Davis researchers are conducting in Chile by.

The Sentinel and San Jose Mercury News published articles about the scheduled opening of Dead Central, the McHenry Library room that will exhibit memorabilia from the Grateful Dead collection.

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote about B. Ruby Rich, film critic and chair of the Social Documentation program, who will receive the Frameline Award, the highest honor bestowed by the annual San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.

The Cowell College commencement keynote address by author Jonathan Franzen was featured in articles in the Sentinel, Mercury News and Contra Costa Times.