Proposed Renewal of the Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time Program

To: UCSC Staff Employees

From: Charlotte Moreno, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources

The University invites your comments regarding the proposed renewal of the Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) Program through June 30, 2014.

The UC Office of the President is proposing a renewal of the ERIT program to support campus needs related to the ongoing budget shortfall. The proposed renewal of the program allows career staff, except members of the Senior Management Group (SMG), to voluntarily reduce their time.

Subject to department approval, eligible employees could choose to participate in the program for one month or more beginning July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2014, and voluntarily reduce their pay and hours worked between 5 and 50 percent of full time.

In return for a voluntary reduction in time, participants will:

  • Accrue vacation and sick leave credits at their rate accrued prior to participation in ERIT;
  • Continue their UC health and welfare benefits without changes to premiums or benefits while participating in ERIT;
  • Have their UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) contributions based on their reduced salary, and UCRP service credit will accrue based on their reduced appointment;
  • Have other retirement benefits calculated based upon their pre-ERIT compensation rate as outlined within the proposed program guidelines.

Represented employee's participation in ERIT will be subject to collective bargaining.

For more information about ERIT, visit the At Your Service website:

Comments may be provided by June 14, 2012 to Cathy Schoenfeld at