Hagar Drive, OPERS reopens

11:30 a.m Hagar Drive is now open between the East Remote Parking lot and the Quarry Plaza area.

UCSC police had earlier cordoned off the area as they investigated a suspicious object seen in the OPERS parking lot. The object was determined to be a hand grenade from which explosives had been removed. The area is now safe.

OPERS staff are returning to their offices, and the OPERS complex will reopen by noon.

UCSC police said callers did the right thing by alerting authorities after observing the suspicious object.

9:15 am: UCSC police have cordoned off an area around the upper East Field parking lot while they investigate a suspicious package that was observed in the parking lot. The Santa Cruz County "bomb squad" has been called as a precaution.

The area from Hagar, at the intersection to the East Remote parkng lot, to the bookstore has been cordoned off. Pedestrians and motorists should avoid that area until further notice.

As a precaution, people in some offices in OPERS have been evacuated.

Updates will be posted on the UCSC home page at http://www.ucsc.edu