Proposed Revisions to the UCSC Background Check Policy

To: UCSC Staff, Academic, and Student Employees

From: Proposed Revisions to the UCSC Background Check Policy

The University invites your comments on proposed revisions to UCSC Background Check Policy. The revised policy applies to staff and non-academic student employees, volunteers, and managers/supervisors of these individuals.

Current Background Check Policy

UC Policy PPSM 21.E - Appointment requires review of job-related background information on final candidates for critical positions and employees who are promoted, reclassified, or transferred into critical positions. A critical position is a position which meets at least one of the critical criteria (e.g., cash handling, master key access) outlined in the UC System-wide Guidelines, located at:

Background checks may include, but are not necessarily limited to, a review of a candidate or appointee’s criminal history information, DMV records review, and/or verification of license, certificate or degree.

UCSC local policy currently requires background checks for:
  • Initial hire or rehire into a staff critical position;
  • Transfer/promotion/demotion or reclassification from a non-critical staff position into a critical staff position;
  • Inter-location transfer into a staff critical position;
  • Student employees in critical positions; and
  • Volunteers assigned critical duties.
The Manager/Supervisor is currently delegated the authority to designate a position as critical and to make the final decision regarding suitability of employment when criminal history exists.

Proposed Changes
  • Delegate the authority to designate a staff or student position as critical to Staff Human Resources.
  • Establish a Criminal History Review Committee with delegated authority to determine suitability of employment when conviction history is revealed via the formal background check process. The committee would be comprised of the AVC for Staff Human Resources, the Campus Controller, and the AVC for Safety and Risk Services. An applicant’s falsification or failure to disclose information would be addressed by the committee as well.
  • Require initiation of new hire and rehire criminal history background checks to occur no later than 5 business days after hire date.
  • Require that current UC employees complete their criminal history background check prior to the effective date of the personnel action (e.g., transfer, promotion).
A copy of the revised policy is posted at the following url:

Policy-covered employees who wish to provide comments on the revised policy may submit them to Lori Castro at by July 1st, 2012.

Proposed policy changes would apply to positions covered by a collective bargaining agreement. For employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, notice has been given to your exclusive representative, who has been invited to submit comments on your behalf. Please direct your comments to your union representative for consideration. Contact information for union representatives can be found at: